End Of Days

End Of Days - Susan Ee BR with my awesome buddies Julie and Momo.

When I started this book, I wasn’t really in the mood. My first M/F book since I started reading M/M… And I don’t particularly like the YA genre.
But I’m glad I did read this. It was SO good. Not much YA about this series.

Susan Ee sure knows how to write. I am still impressed with the way she depicted the world after the apocalypse. How people would feel, what people would do. How (un)civilized people are deep inside. Stripped of all possessions and wealth, the true face of people shown. I felt it all, the desperation, the fear. It was dark and I loved it.

This is not a series for the faint hearted. There is blood, gore, murder and not only the bad guys die.


Penryn was such a kick ass heroine, I forgot how I admired her and her no-nonsense attitude. And I loved her sense of humor.

‘Might as well fly into the heart of the enemy where the primitive natives can tear me to pieces, sell my body parts for money, and grind the rest to be consumed in teas for sexual potency.’
I tighten my arms around his neck. ‘We’re not that primitive anymore.’
He arches his perfect eyebrow at me, sending waves of skepticism.
‘We have Viagra now .’

I really liked how this book is anything but fluffy. Even the romance. Nothing fluffy about it! Penryn never forgets that Raffe is indeed the enemy, no matter how much she cares for him. But this series doesn’t centre around the romance and even though I am normally all for the romance, this was done perfectly. I mean, these guys are in the middle of the apocalypse! Of course they are not canoodling on every corner. There are lives to be saved, angels to kill.


The big fight at the end was the best part of this entire series. It was amazing. I could simply feel how desperate everyone was to no longer run, but fight. To feel human again.

‘Everybody, let’s take a moment of joy by screaming out whatever you’ve been feeling all these weeks. Ready? Go!’ The twins let out a holler through their microphones that releases all kinds of stored up energy ranging from excitement to anger, aggression to joy. At first, only one or two echo the twins’ yells. Then more people join in. Then more. Until the whole crowd is screaming and yelling at the top of its lungs. This may be the first time anyone has spoken loudly since the
Great Attack.

Such an amazing series. One I would recommend to all, if you’re a YA/MF lover or not, it is worth a read.