A Restored Man

A Restored Man - Jaime Reese

Re-read August 17 2016
Greg Tremblay totally rocks!! He did such an amazing job with the audio. I love him.

4.5 stars

Cole!!!! I love Cole!! I want a Cole!

God, I loved this book. I loved Cole and his big mouth. He and Ty were the perfect match.

I never thought I would like a book about cars this much, but all the car stuff was damn sexy!


This book revolves more around character than plot (even though there is in fact a very decent plot) and I loved it. Cole was such a refreshing character with his foot in mouth disease. I fell in love with him from page one and when Ty was introduced I was so happy, because my heart ached for him (hurt/comfort, yeah baby!!). I just knew Cole would be perfect for him. And together they were smoking HOT!

Cole and Ty admit they are attracted to each other once working together. They do move pretty fast, but no insta love here. I loved the stolen kisses during work, but also the talks they had. They were just so sweet together.

Ty grabbed Cole's head and pulled him down. No way was he letting anyone else get a look at his Cole's hair. Cole turned to face him, his brow lowered in confusion. Ty reached up, pushed his hair back and put the beanie back on his head. He leaned up and gave Cole a chaste kiss. "That's only for me," he whispered.

Definitely the best of the series.


(Just one complaint, I don't think Jaime Reese writes very good orgasms. Poof, and it's over. I had to re-read some parts twice because I missed it.)