Make Me Soar

Make Me Soar - K.C. Wells I am so disappointed. This could have been so much better. I want to cry now.


In this installment we finally get Dorian’s story. I have loved Dorian since book 1, bratty and all. And once I found out this was going to be hurt/comfort, oh yeah, my heart did a happy dance.

Dorian is looking for something, but he doesn’t know what. He goes to Berlin to push his boundaries but gets more than he bargained for. Alan and Leo come to his rescue and Alan is the one looking after Dorian after his ordeal.

It was not as I had hoped…

There is a big difference between acting like a Dom and acting like someone’s dad.
I started to get the daddy vibe with Thomas’ book.


I wasn’t too fond of that one. But because I LOVED Leo from the first book, I knew K.C. Wells could write Doms to my liking, without the daddy vibe.

But Alan was so incredibly correct, I felt as if he had no emotions. He was so boring. I just felt as if he was trying to be Dorian’s dad. And not in a fun daddy kink kind of way!


And what more can I say about Alan. Almost NOTHING. He was not described at all. Not his age, not his height, not the color of his hair or how he was built. He had no background whatsoever. He was a writer, that was it. I started to notice this after the first few pages and I was paying very close attention the rest of the book if there would be more details, but no such luck.

And what happened to Dorian in Berlin was a crime. I could not see it as a BDSM scene gone wrong, it was simply rape and abuse. So how fast Dorian got over this was totally unrealistic. He needed counseling and not a Dom who told him after one outburst that everything would be fine and that he was almost there.

And what the heck was with Berlin being the big bad BDSM city? I have a feeling German people will not be too happy with this book. It was as if everyone in Berlin wanted to rape and murder. Well, that cannot be true.

So overall, I was very disappointed and I am still sad that Alan was who Dorian ended up with. Stupid Alan.

Such great premise….