Little Wild Animal

Little Wild Animal - DiscontentedWinter 3.5 stars

There are no more humans. Humans are extinct.
That is why Derek and Cora are very surprised to find a human in the woods one day. A human who has been living with foxes so long he has forgotten how to be human.

Lisa Henry really does know how to write. This story was compelling and even though I really did like it, I wasn’t as sucked in as I normally am.

I was having a bit of a problem with Stiles acting like a fox in the first half of the story. Lisa Henry is all about the details and even though I normally love this about her work, this made me a little queasy. I’m not sure I wanted to read about Derek getting Stiles toilet trained…

But the story really started to pick up after Stiles was no longer acting like a fox. Even though the romance could have been better. The romantic moments (yes, I also mean the sex scenes) were not that frequent and were over pretty quickly. I would have liked it if the plot had played a smaller role in the last 25% or so and we had more romantic moments. Well, can’t have it all.