His Roommate's Pleasure

His Roommate's Pleasure - Lana McGregor Recommended to me by Marco. Thank you!

This was cute, sweet and incredibly HOT! Two college roommates experimenting with BDSM, oh yeah!


Adam’s computer breaks down so he has no other choice but to borrow his roommate Josh’s laptop. But what he finds on his computer is not what he expected of the jock. Gay porn, lots and lots of gay porn. Gay BDSM porn to be exact!


Adam finds himself mesmerized and when Josh catches him looking at the pictures he knows he cannot hide from Josh how those pictures made him feel.

Adam let out a breath, long and a little shaky. It was like there was suddenly a key to the locked door inside his head, and he’d only just discovered there was a door in the first place, let alone that he needed to look for a key.

These guys are all for the experimenting. It was great! But there were a lot of sweet, tender moments as well. The perfect combination for me.


PS. I wouldn’t recommend the audio. The narrator made Josh sound like a 80 year old nasty little pervert. I stopped with the audio and started reading.