Into the Light

Into the Light - Carter Quinn This book wasn’t quite as good as the first one, but that’s okay, I knew that. Because the thing that makes the first book one of my favorites was mostly resolved at the end. Still, it was very nice to read about Avery and Noah again. And woohooo, we get smexy times.


We get to see how Avery has grown since meeting Noah. He is so much stronger thanks to Sam, Noah and his therapist. I loved seeing how he stood up for himself.

In this book Avery meets his 2 younger brothers. They have been looking for him for years and now they found him. Avery is thrilled, but Avery’s brother Sam not so much. When Sam starts acting like a jerk Avery is heartbroken, but he doesn’t let the blackness swallow him again. That was such a beautiful thing to read about. It truly shows how far Avery had come.


This is a nice sequel to Out of the Blackness, not extremely special, but a must read for people wanting to see how Avery and Noah are doing after the first book.