fawn - Nash Summers I’m not sure if my rating is fair, but I really didn’t like the story, so.. sorry!

I can totally imagine other people finding this book beautiful, because yes, it was. The writing was beautiful and I think if you go for intense books, you’ll really love this one.

I loved Rust and the way he saw the world. Everything was beautiful to him and the way his mind worked, I was in awe. I really liked Ancel at the first part of the book. The abused, scarred but beautiful boy, oh yeah!


But when I found out this book consists of 3 parts with major time jumps in between, my enthusiasm over the great premise started to diminish.

We got the part where both boys are 14 and meet for the first time. Then we have the part where Rust is in college and they meet again, and the final part where Rust has graduated and found a job in his home town.

I seriously can’t do time jumps. I can be ok with it if it’s a few weeks and it is to display that the guys have known each other for some time. But years, no, just no.


I felt for Ancel at the beginning, but wasn’t ok with how he acted in the second part. Not that he did anything wrong, I just couldn’t connect with him and had trouble understanding why he walked out, again.

As I said before, this book is intense. I can do intense, but this just left me feeling depressed.