All About Trust

All About Trust - D.P. Denman This book could have been so much more. It had it all, amazing story, likable characters, it could have been so good.
We had an abused younger guy and a patient love interest who wants to try to build a beautiful future together. Sounds good to me!


And I actually really did like it. But I just wanted something more.

This story ends with a HFN. I can’t call it a HEA with Eric still scared and without the mention of psychological help for how to deal with a lifetime of abuse.. Love is not a true healer. It can help, but it will only leave a person dependent on another.

If this story had been longer I would have loved this one to death. But the fact that Eric and Marcus only got to the kissing stage and there is no mention of how Eric was going to cope with his problems made me like this book less.

I absolutely love a good hurt/comfort book. They are my favorite of all books. But there are some things that always need to be addressed in these books for me to make them realistic.

Because this story ended way too soon, only 3 stars.


Yeah well, Thor, I am too.