Wrong Direction

Wrong Direction - Kelly   Jensen This is a cute, very funny college story.

Alvaro has a single dorm room, but he has to share his bathroom with Daniel. Daniel, who leaves all his bubble bath stuff on the floor, who sings off key and doesn’t know how to clean up after himself. A match made in heaven!

This book is filled with funny moments. I loved it.

My left foot got lost. One second it was under me, the next it had kinda flown up into the air.
I tried to sit up. Daniel helped by putting his cock in my face. I mean, it was right there, dripping white soap that looked a heck of a lot like something else onto my sodden T-shirt. He had his arms around my shoulders and was actually hauling me toward my seven seconds in heaven. I opened my mouth, wondering if it would fit.

Lots of sweetness in this one with a little bit of angst, but not too overwhelming. Two great guys, lovely romantic moments and hot sex.


It was awesome.