Timing - Mary Calmes BR with bestie Elsbeth

A few things I learned after reading a few Mary Calmes books.

- Mary Calmes does NOT like condoms. I’m sure she has a latex allergy or she is traumatized by a bad experience. Because no one is using them in her books. There is always some excuse as to why they should skip it, even the first time together. Come on, let’s just have unprotected sex NOW!


- One of the characters is a man with such charisma that everyone likes him, all the time. And this person is so beautiful that everyone wants to touch him all the time. And of course he lets them.

“If you’re over there feeling Stefan up, then we should all get a turn.”
“Well, then, come here.”
There were hands in my hair, under the back of my shirt, on my chest, my biceps, and Kristin’s fingers sliding over my eyebrows. I was drowning in women.

Not really…

But…. that being said… I still liked this book. Yes, it was over the top. Yes, it was cheesy at times. Yes, the whole coming out as gay thing was way unrealistic, but hey, I HAD A GOOD TIME.

I just have to say that [b:All Kinds of Tied Down|22402178|All Kinds of Tied Down|Mary Calmes|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1401888434s/22402178.jpg|41827079] did not follow the standard Mary Calmes formula and I liked that one more.