Cold Feet

Cold Feet - Jay Northcote 2.5 stars

I was hoping this would be a sweet best friends to lovers story. And it started out pretty good.

Sam and Ryan were supposed to meet their two other friends in a cabin to spend some time together before the holidays. But because of the snow their friends couldn’t make it and the two of them are stuck for Christmas.

Since Sam is convinced Ryan is straight he knows he cannot act on his feelings for his best friend. But what Sam doesn’t know is that Ryan has been struggling with his feelings for Sam for quite some time now…

This could have been amazing! I loved how the two of them had to share a bed together because it was too cold to sleep alone. This had so much potential.

Unfortunately both Sam and Ryan were constantly feeling insecure and there was so much awkwardness I never really got into the story.

After the big ‘I am attracted to you’ reveal and the following events, they are both too scared to admit their feelings and more awkwardness ensues.

They only talk and finally get together at the end.

Nope, not my kind of book.