Love Lessons

Love Lessons - Heidi Cullinan Audio edition.

3.5 stars

Loved this one. College love!


And it started out really really good.

Walter and Kelly are forced to share a single dorm room together. Kelly has the only room with air conditioning, which he needs because of his allergies, and Walter doesn’t have anywhere else to go since his roommate graduated.

When Walter and Kelly meet, I was convinced Walter would be an ass to sweet and adorable Kelly. Walter, who had so much more experience than Kelly, who just came out and had no experience at all.


But Walter was incredibly sweet to Kelly. He immediately tried to show him the ropes of college life. Of course when the two of them become best friends, it is clear both of them would like something more to happen. But Walter doesn’t want a relationship because he would just fuck it up. And he feels Kelly deserves more. Of course he simply can’t resist Kelly.

The way Walter constantly took care of Kelly really showed how much Walter cared for him and I loved him for it.

“It’s Valentine’s Day. I wanted to do something special.” Walter wrapped an arm around Kelly and pulled him closer, nuzzling a kiss against his temple. “I like making you happy.”

Both had their insecurities, but I wouldn’t say this was an angsty book. It had a nice slow burn and thank God there was no insta-love.

The one thing that lowered my rating was that it got so boring at 75%. They were trying to help their teacher Williams keep his job at the college, but it really pulled me out of the story.


Overall, a sweet, romantic college story.
And the audio was amazing!