A Casual Thing

A Casual Thing - Annabelle Jacobs 2.5 stars

Having a crush on your older brother’s best friend, this could have been so good! But it wasn’t.


Patrick is house sitting for his brother while he is on holiday. But it turns out he has to share the flat with his brother’s best friend, Will, who he had a crush on for ages. When it turns out Will is not that averse to having sex with Patrick they strike a friends-with-benefits deal.

There were several things that bothered me while reading this.

Will was an ass. I didn’t like him at all. He seemed stuck up, stiff and I have no idea what Patrick saw in him. I never felt the supposedly good time they were having. It was mentioned, but I didn’t feel it. And the way Will treated Patrick, I didn’t like it. He was so worried he would give Patrick the wrong idea that he often acted like a jerk and I would have given him the finger long ago.


And what the heck was with Will working all the time. They couldn’t find the time to play hide the dick because Will had to get up early for work or he was working late? Please don’t be so correct, people. You can function just fine with 3 hours of sleep when there is hanky panky involved.


And some things that could have been so hot was just very awkward here.

Patrick walks in on Will jacking off. That could have been so hot! But it was just awkward… Same with most of the sex scenes. Coming on each other’s face was gross for them instead of sexy. And Patrick actually complained that Will was too heavy when he was lying on top of him.

Way to get the sexy out of the sex, Annabelle Jacobs.