Denial and the Kinsey Scale

Denial and the Kinsey Scale - DiscontentedWinter A Sterek from Scott’s POV????

Never thought I would like it, but hey, it’s Lisa Henry, and she makes me like stuff I normally don’t like.

Oblivious Stiles is adorable.

“Yesterday, I tried to take a Popsicle out of the freezer and Derek got all growly and up in my face, and said they were just for Stiles.” Isaac’s eyes narrow. “It was kind of…strange.”

Stiles comes bouncing out of the kitchen with a Popsicle. “Hey, guys. What’s up?” He extends his tongue and licks up the length of the Popsicle. Then he sucks on the end, smacking his lips. In the kitchen, Derek drops a plate and it smashes on the floor.

“So much for wolfy ninja relaxes,” Stiles grins, and slurps loudly on the Popsicle again. Scott hears Derek groan.
He must’ve really liked that plate.


(I know it’s not a popsicle, but just look at that mouth… hell yeah, I would drop my plate!)