Shattered Secrets

Shattered Secrets - Diane  Adams, RJ Scott I expected the writing to be worse than it was, so yay to the writing!


The storyline was a somewhat different approach to the whole shifter/mate/imprinting theme and I liked it.

Wolves are out and humans all know about them.

Jamie is a young wolf and ‘forgot’ to tell his one night stand about the fact he is a wolf. When Rob (a human cop) finds out about it, he is angry and tells Jamie to go. But they cannot seem to stay away from each other. And when Jamie also accidentally gets involved in the shifter case Rob is working on, it seems they’re stuck together.

My main problem was that I never felt the love between Jamie and Rob. Yes, they were hot together, but the I love yous came out of the blue. I would have liked it if the romance had gotten a little more attention. There was so much potential. But Rob was mostly an ass throughout the story and I never warmed up to him….

Great potential, but that was all.