Keeping Sweets

Keeping Sweets - Cate Ashwood 3.5 stars

This was basically fluffy porn. Very unrealistic fluffy porn, but fluffy nonetheless.

Evan has been kicked out of the house after his graduation and doesn’t know what to do to earn money. That is when he responds to a modeling add. It turns out to be porn. And even though he has no sexual experience whatsoever, he goes for it. Because yes, you would want your first time to be on camera.


Well, okay. Let’s just go with it for now.

Evan is immediately attracted to porn star Noah, or Bran, his real name. The two become close pretty quick and Evan can’t wait to lose his virginity to Bran. Of course this scene is extremely romantic which I image porn is definitely NOT.


This book reminded me of [b:More Than Make-Believe|16083209|More Than Make-Believe|Tymber Dalton||11471628] a lot. It’s pretty low on the angst and the guys fall in love while doing porn together.

The porn itself was extremely unrealistic. It was basically just a sex scene. No pausing, no long scenes to get the perfect shot. Nope, just lots of gay sex, on camera. Okay, fine by me.


I was wondering if the guys would do scenes with other people, but that wasn’t the case. Bran does do some stuff with another guy on camera before they get together, but that was it.

I was planning on giving this a solid 4 stars, but then we got to the final part… And all of a sudden we got ANGST. It was too much, too late.

He launched himself across the room and slapped Bran as hard as he could across his already swollen face. The floodgates opened and he began to cry, hot salty tears that carried away all the pain and loathing that had built inside him since that night. He hit Bran again, beating with his fists against his chest, over and over until the fire had gone out of him.

I still enjoyed most of it.
It was a nice fluffy read with lots of sex, but not a lot of depth or realism.