Victim of Love

Victim of Love - Darien Cox Everyone loved it but me….

There were some funny moments, really. The writing was pretty good and I did laugh a couple of times.

But I had such a difficult time liking Beck. And Olsen too actually. He was such a doormat. He did anything Beck wanted.

Beck had issues. And I love books where people have issues. But the reason I like reading about these people is because I want them to deal with those issues. I want them to figure out for themselves that things just don’t go away.

And that is a thing Beck never did. Not even at the end. Everything was just suddenly okay after he told Olsen what happened and why he acted the way he did. No, Beck, you are not okay!


Kids hide, grown-ups talk about things.

The push and pull in this also really bothered me. ‘Oh, Olsen, come here and pretend you love me, no go away, I don’t want you. Come back, I need you. No go away, I have issues.’

And the reason Beck was in the closet, because he just feels it is private, oh come on! You are hiding a big part of yourself from the people that love you. And Olsen just went back in the closet with him. As I said, doormat.


I felt Beck was such an incredibly selfish person, I wanted to smack him. He asked Olsen to play pretend with him and to tell Beck he loved him. But did he ever think what that would do to Olsen? Beck took and Olsen just gave.

I’m so tired after reading this.