Prickly Business

Prickly Business - Piper Vaughn, Kenzie Cade BR with Elsbeth, Tara and Kat

3.25 stars

I feel sad. This had so much potential. But it was simply too long.

We had too much plot while I wanted more character development and romance.

Avery is a hedgehog shifter. How cute is that?

That afternoon, when Avery had returned to his loft after his deliveries, he’d filled his tub with warm water, shifted into his hedgehog form, and spent some indeterminate amount of time curled up into a ball, just floating on his back in lazy circles, trying not to think.


He knows his mate is a wolf shifter, but since their first meeting went horrible, they’re both determined to ignore each other and the fact that they’re mates. But of course Dylan and Avery are drawn to each other no matter what.

There is also a whodunit plot about a human traffic ring. But that took up way too much page time and I just wasn’t that interested.


There was so much potential here. I mean, a cute hedgehog and a big bad wolf… how awesome is that! And there were some incredibly cute moments, but overall it kind of fell flat.

All the characters were a little underdeveloped. Especially the bad guys. I kept being surprised Dylan’s father was such an ass to him. I could have used more background.

This was not a bad book, I just needed more romance and less plot.


PS. I learned that the second book is also about Avery and Dylan, but I’m not sure I want to read that one. There are a lot of other interesting characters and if they get a book, I will read it. But since this one ends in a good and solid HEA, a second book feels like overkill.