A Bond of Three

A Bond of Three - K.C. Wells 4.5 stars

I am not very fond of fantasy. It’s the unpronounceable names, in the even more unpronounceable kingdoms. With the unpronounceable people doing unpronounceable things to each other behind the people of the other unpronounceable kingdom’s back. Get why I don’t like it?


And normally I am all for a monogamous relationship between TWO people. Not three, not four, not five. Two people who love each other. Because I have come across books where there are more than two people involved and there is always jealousy of some sorts. Or two people in a relationship with a third wheel only to spice things up in bed.

Well, this was none of that! This book was freaking awesome!


Tanish is the prince of Teruna. It is very normal in this kingdom to have a lover, either male or female. The Seruan are chosen to provide the service of the flesh. They are the lowest of the lowest in the kingdom. Tanish has been in love with his Seruan, Feyar, for the past 7 years. They cannot tell anyone about their love for one another because royalty and Seruan do not mix for anything other than sex. But to form an alliance the king tells Tanish he must wed Sorran, the prince of Vancor.

Sorran is not what either Tanish or Feyar expect. They are both fully prepared to hate him and Tanish tells Feyar he will not take Sorran to his bed. But Sorran turns out to be a very kind, shy, beautiful prince. And when the three of them come together, something beautiful happens. Something magic.

“I felt as if your life source had somehow become entwined with mine.”


I know K.C. Wells writes sappy, low angst books and I can count on her to not make my MCs suffer. This was no exception. There is a tiny bit of jealousy before Tanish and Feyar meet Sorran. But when they meet there is no place for jealousy, only love.

These guys were so beautiful together, I loved them. They share something so special it is clear everything they are together.

The sex was also incredibly HOT HOT HOT! And we get DP, I repeat DP!!


This book is without angst, almost no intrigues, the names are all pronounceable and there is no jealousy. That is why this book was just AWESOME!