Maverick's Mate

Maverick's Mate - Lynn Hagen I was really set on liking this entire series. 33 books, oh yeah!
But I can’t do it.

I have no idea why the author thinks RAPE is okay. And yes, I do consider it rape when wolf shifter, Maverick, has sex with Cecil while Cecil is asleep. They haven’t met, but Maverick knows Cecil is his mate. He follows him to his home and has sex with Cecil while he is asleep.

I have no idea why this scene was even included because it’s not important to the story at all.

And Cecil, who has been in an abusive relationship for the past 2 years, just lets Maverick yell at him and act like an abusive partner himself. All because he wants to protect Cecil. Protect him, my ass!

“You will never turn your back on me when I am speaking to you, do you understand? You will take what I offer without complaint. I will not tolerate this behavior from my mate.”

Excuse me??