City Wolf

City Wolf - S.P. Wayne DNF at 76%

I give up.

There were parts that had me thinking I was finally getting into the story. But then something completely out of character happened and I was back to being moody.

I loved Axton, but how he handled the ex-boyfriend thing really infuriated me. The ex-boyfriend Dana tried to kidnap him, he punched Leander, and Axton is still somewhat attracted to him and even hugs him. That was so not okay.


And I felt Axton being this hermit hiding in the woods in the first book and a sexy gay club dancer in this book was really weird. It just didn’t fit his character.

What also bothered me was the lack of sex scenes. It could be we got 1 sex scene in the beginning, but other than that, all the sex is off page.


I was having a hard time believing in the great love these two were supposed to have. They say I love you every other page, but I need at least a couple of scenes where they hump each other before I start believing it.

And the GFY aspect didn’t improve with this book. I just couldn’t get a good feel for Leander.

I could see the potential, but sorry, this didn’t work for me.