Like a Lover

Like a Lover - Jay Northcote I really really liked this, but I have to complain about one thing.

Who on earth names their 26 year old MC RUPERT….. If the guy was in his fifties, I could understand, but Rupert for a 26 year old guy… It kept pulling me out of the story because I kept seeing him.

Instead of him.

I really had trouble with this. But I’ll try to review this book without

And more

Josh is a rent boy. He like what he does and he likes that he doesn’t need student loans to finish university.

But then he meets Rupert. Rupert is 26 and thinks he is making a date with Josh, when Josh says it will cost him. Even though Rupert hadn’t planned on paying for sex, he simply cannot resist Josh.(I want a Josh of my own!)


Rupert wants Josh any way he can get him, so he quickly becomes a regular. The two of them grow closer until neither can deny the fact that it’s more than business between them. They do keep their feelings a secret from each other until the end, but the story was definitely not overly angsty.

Josh does see other client when he just starts ‘seeing’ Rupert (in a professional way), but it’s not long before he only sees Rupert and he cancels his other clients.

Besides the name, I did feel as if Rupert was a bit stiff at times, but I still really enjoyed this story. The sex scenes were HOT and frequent, but not too frequent to end up being boring.

Yep, this was a great read.