You Are the Reason

You Are the Reason - Renae Kaye This can be read as a stand-alone.

Loved loved loved this book.

Dave came out when he was fifteen. But due to some bad experiences in his past he has this motto.

I may like dick, but I’m not a pussy.

So he shuns everything pink and he certainly doesn’t want to be associated with femme guys. He is Davo, big masculine Davo. Gay, but not girly.

Dave is massively confused when he meets a woman one night. Lee is gorgeous and very feminine. But Dave can’t help himself, he is extremely attracted to Lee. Is he straight after all?

Being straight was the ultimate horror. What would people say about me? Would I be shunned? What would Dad say?

When it turns out Lee is a guy, Dave is not happy Lee lied to him. He doesn’t get Lee. Lee is a man, gay and doesn’t want to be a woman, but just dresses up like one occasionally.

Dave was awesome! He did have some issues, but he was so sweet and had such a big heart I could never be mad at him for anything. Lee felt the same way. He did feel sad sometimes when Dave said things like, ‘but that is too gay’. But Lee knew Dave was that way because of some bigoted people in his childhood.

The development Dave goes through and the things he realizes because of Lee were amazing.

I loved everyone in this book. The families, the friends, Jake and Patrick, and of course little Maxine with the pink onesies.

I had so much fun reading about these guys. They were hilarious.

“Okay. I’ll open the door, and then you run for the bedroom. If I catch you before you get there, sorry, but you’re getting fucked on the ground again.”

Renae Kaye just had this talent to write sweet books without it being sugary sweet. This is one of those incredible feel good books I will be reading over and over again.