Fit to be Tied

Fit to be Tied - Mary Calmes

Re-read August 25 2016.
Book 3 is almost here! Time for a re-read.



BR with my girls Tara and Els

4.5 stars

This was awesome!

I wasn’t too sure where this was going when I started this. I had a bit of trouble with Ian at the beginning, but I knew the conflict was necessary for the story. I just wanted the rainbows and puppies I was used to. But I got over it and enjoyed the heck out of the rest.

The crazy doctor from book 1 has escaped prison and is after Miro.
I got all the creepy vibes from him. It was so awesome.


Way more violence than we’re used to from Mary Calmes, I wasn’t expecting that!


This doctor is seriously crazy with the rib removal, eating Miro’s flesh and drinking his blood. I loved it all.

This had a nice HEA, but I have to have a sequel. With the crazy rib stealing doctor please!