The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall - Lisa Henry, Heidi Belleau Right…..
I thought this would be daddy kink and I can handle a daddy kink just fiiiiiine.

But I didn’t read the blurb and this book is absolutely not my cup of tea.

Tad is a dick, a rich spoiled bratty dick. He gets off on hurting people (verbally) so he goes to this high priced whore house to humiliate the youngest guy there.

A week later he sets out to do the same but this time with the oldest prostitute there. But he gets more than he bargained for. He meets Daddy.

I am all for the daddy kink, it’s dirty and I like it. But this was all about humiliating Tad because he was such a dick. Tad felt worthless, he cried and I just wanted him to tell Daddy no and walk away.

But no, Daddy is going to teach him a lesson. I was expecting Daddy to show Tad his place by some sexy torture, but what really got me mad was when Connor entered the picture to laugh at Tad. Yes, Connor is the guy Tad humiliated the week before, but this was just so cruel.

I really really didn’t like it.