Afterglow - Kora Knight 3.5 stars

The last book about Tad and Scott.
I was a bit disappointed (sorry!).

I noticed in the other books there didn’t seem to be a lot of character/relationship development. I chalked it up to the fact that Tad and Scott were not in a real relationship yet so that’s where the tentativeness between them had to come from.

But now that these two are in a relationship I expected a bit more. They both act like they just met. Yes, they do share their feelings, but the shy glances, the constant bets they have, it was kind of…. juvenile?

These guys are now in a real relationship, surely they can just jump each other whenever they want? Why the pool game with the stakes being the loser strips to boxer shorts? To me that seems like a game you play when you’ve just met and want to get in each other’s pants.

I was waiting for them to feel comfortable enough with each other to be able to seduce the other instead of playing games first.

I do like the kinky stuff (not that it’s really kinky), but I wanted more emotion in this installment. Yes, there is a really nice HEA with feelings an all that, but I didn’t just want to hear them say it, I wanted them to show it too.

It was nice, but I wanted more.

Still, this series is very good and I’m glad to have been part of Tad’s and Scott’s journey.