Sage's Mystery

Sage's Mystery - Lynn Hagen 3.5 stars

Utter ridiculousness.
It was awesome, but also very weird. But I like the weird.


Sage buys a town. Online.

Sure, why not.

When he moves into the abandonded town he meets William. Who is homeless and living in the town all by himself.

These men are not wolves when they change into a wolf, but some sort of half wolf/half man beast, who can talk.

There is the standard insta-love, but in shifter books it never bothers me.

What made this book so enjoyable despite its hideous writing, was William. He was absolutely awesome.

“Now tell me why you ran from that cop.”
“He smelled funny?”
“Try again,” Sage said as he yanked William’s pants down and smacked him on his ass. “He had a gun?” Smack. “Try again.” If Sage kept smacking his ass, he just might lie all night.
“I had to pee?” Smack.
“Patrick broke a nail?”
“You like it,” Sage accused. William shook his head, sticking his ass high into the air again. “No I don’t. I lied to you. I’m a very bad man. Now spank me, damn it!”