Out Of Focus

Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt This was hot.


Dante and Angel have been in a relationship together for the past 12 years and it it obvious they love each other. Because Dante and Angel are both doms, they feel the need for a submissive third party every once in a while.

They find him at a wedding they are photographing. Jordan, the bride’s brother is immediately attracted to both men. But of course he thinks it’s just his luck Dante and Angel are taken, by each other.

When Dante and Angel come to Jordan’s farm to do a photoshoot, it’s obvious the attraction is mutual. And even though Jordan has no experience with BDSM, he sure as hell wants to try with these two gorgeous men.


I loved how this was pretty low angst. These two beautiful men are so much in love. And Jordan was perfect for them.

The sex scenes were hot and there was no awkwardness or jealousy. There is a tiny bit of that once they all realize they have feelings for one another, but they talk it out pretty quickly.

One thing that bothered me was Jordan’s ex, who still lived with him. I kept expecting something to happen with him. (I wanted him to become this raging ax murderer so that Dante and Angel had to save Jordan…)


But no such luck...


But other than that is was hot, it was sexy and I had a great time reading this!