Valor on the Move

Valor on the Move - Keira Andrews Such a lovely book.

Rafa is the president’s son. Gay, but the only one who knows is his fake girlfriend, Ashleigh.

Rafa falls for his bodyguard Shane, a secret service agent, 18 years older than Rafa.

I really liked this one. It felt real (or as real as any romance book about people in the White House). I was a bit afraid this would be so unrealistic I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

I’m talking about sex marathons between Shane and Rafa right under the president’s nose. Which would have been HOT, but I would have really doubted Shane’s ability to do his job the way he is supposed to if he is screwing his protectee while on the job. I’m glad this wasn’t the case.

But don’t worry, there is enough sex.

There is also some hurt/comfort thrown in with the kidnapping of Rafa.It was awesome!

Everything works out and we get a lovely HEA.
Yep, I’m a happy camper now.