The Strength of a Gamma

The Strength of a Gamma - Kim Dare This series is so good! This is how I like my BDSM the most.
These books focus more on the power play and how these wolves accept being dominant or submissive despite of their place in the pack.


This is also the case with Steffan. Steffan is a gamma, but because he is very big and muscled he has been treated as a beta his entire life. He doesn’t want to be a beta with all the responsibilities, but not a lot of wolves see that.

His best friend Francis does see this. Both gammas, neither wolf is more dominant than the other according to pack hierarchy. But Francis sees his friend struggle with trying to take care of other wolves while he is actually naturally submissive.

Steffan is not happy when Francis asks their alphas if Francis may court Steffan. Francis deserves a big strong, more dominant wolf to take care of him. But Francis slowly shows him that he wants to be the one in control and that Steffan can just let go.


I love it when a submissive is physically bigger and stronger than the more dominant man/wolf. Because it’s not about the body, it’s about the mind.

This series doesn’t concentrate on the pain aspect of BDSM at all. So far there has only been some bondage. It is more about the power play. Exactly how I like it!


This is a wonderful shifter series with BDSM elements without it being hardcore.