Scales And A Tail

Scales And A Tail - Stormy Glenn Spoilery review.

2.5 stars

I feel angry. That is what book-angst does to me.
I stayed up late to finish this and now have a headache.

I thought this would be another fluffy mpreg shifter read. My guilty pleasure. But instead I got a stupid misunderstanding.


This is what happens:

“You’ve all taken a toast with me. As such, you are now bound by the covenants we put before you.”
“Each of you has twenty-four hours to find and claim your mate,” Elder Lucas said. “If you fail to claim a mate in twenty-four hours, and bring him or her before this council to be recognized, you will not have a mate. You will go feral inside of a week.”

Sebastian is a dragon shifter. The dragon prince to be exact. And he is not looking for a mate. But when he saves a man from a forced mating, he decides to take him as a mate. It turns out the man’s name is Beauregard and he is a bunny shifter.

It was really cute, a dragon and a bunny shifter. And I loved how Sebastian kept calling Beauregard bunny.

So far everything was fine. They were mated and headed to Sebastian’s castle to live happily ever after. And there was lots of hot sex, which was good.

But then Sebastian acts like a total ass when Beauregard tells him he is pregnant. Sebastian walks away, tells his servants to move Beauregard into a smaller room and doesn’t talk to his mate for several weeks. Beauregard is heartbroken and has no idea what’s going on. Turns out Sebastian was convinced Beauregard cheated on him because no way that baby could have been his, since they’d only known each other for two weeks. Of course the stupid stupid man didn’t take into account the fact that bunny pregnancies last 40 days instead of 40 weeks.


What bothered me the most was that Sebastian really treated Beauregard like shit. He didn’t talk to him and he banned him to a small room in the castle. Poor Beauregard went through his entire pregnancy alone and miserable.

It took a long time for Beauregard to forgive Sebastian. But if I were him, I would have dumped his ass.

If this sort of thing doesn’t bother you, this is actually a pretty good mpreg shifter story.

It just made me very angry.