Up In Flames

Up In Flames - S.C. Wynne BR with Els

3.5 stars

I really liked these men.

Avery and Luke are firefighters. When Luke transfers to Avery’s unit, they become friends as well as roommates.

Luke never thought he would get feelings for another man, but he does. When he tells Avery about these feelings, the two start a tentative relationship.

But there is the thing of Luke’s past. Luke suffered a horrible loss, but he won’t tell Avery about it.

These men were hot and the GFY was nicely done.

Luke tells Avery about his doubts about his sexuality, his worries. And Avery tells Luke he doesn’t just want to be an experiment. He is worried about Luke being gay all of a sudden.


These men make their intentions pretty clear at the start of their relationship. They want more than just sex from each other.

I really wanted to give this book 4 stars, but then the angst hit. It wasn’t too bad, but it annoyed me and pulled me out of my happy place.


Other than that part I really liked it. If you have a thing for hot firemen (who doesn’t!), you should give this one a try.