Old Loyalty, New Love

Old Loyalty, New Love - Mary Calmes Now this is how I like my Mary Calmes books. Possessive shifters, fluffy romance, hot sex.

Quade is a jackal shifter and kicked out of his pack for being gay (I don’t care how unoriginal this is, I like it).


He has been the bodyguard of Roman for the past 11 years. Roman is 27, but was in a terrible car crash when he was 18. He has severe burn wounds all over his body. Quade is the only one that sees the beauty beneath the scars.

The two of them are close and Quade has been in love with Roman for a while. But he thinks he is no good for Roman so he plans to leave the estate. But Roman won’t let that happen. He tells Quade he is in love with him too and that they belong together.

Quade struggles for a bit, but Roman is very persistent, so he has no choice but to follow his heart.

Of course there is also the issue of Quade’s old pack and their abusive alpha, which Quade has to challenge to help the rest of the pack.

Nice, fluffy shifter story. Very Mary Calmes.