Cowboy Keeper

Cowboy Keeper - Stormy Glenn This started out pretty good. There was some intense hurt/comfort going on here. And I am all for that!


Not very realistic, I admit.. but I don’t read these books because I want a lot of realism.

This also had the extremest of extreme insta-love as well. True love in hours instead of days this time.

And I could really get over all of this and still enjoy this immensely. Right up until ALL the characters did something so incredibly stupid and out of character, I almost didn’t finish the rest.


Billy, who has been severely beaten by his brother his entire life, is now under protection of the Blaecleah family. But when Billy’s father comes with the sheriff to take Billy home to that evil brother, who wants to kill Billy, his father accuses Rourke of beating Billy. Of course it was Clem, the Evil brother, but Billy was so shaken up he couldn’t say a word.

Rourke gets arrested and everything would have been fine if Billy would have gone to the police station and explained everything. Or if someone in the Blaecleah family said anything. They just stood there.

And when Billy makes a deal with his father, that he will come home with him if he drops the charges against Rourke, they all let him! Billy asks Rourke’s brothers to hold Rourke, because of course Rourke doesn’t want Billy to go home so his brother can kill him.

Rourke’s brothers and parents know this! They are sending Billy to his death and don’t do anything about it. They even grab Rourke and tell him he should let Billy go!


This family is supposed to be protecting the innocent, not send them to their death.

I still can’t get over this stupid twist in the story. It was so unnecessary. I’m still angry. Because other than this, this would have been a 3.5/4 stars story for me, but I can’t now.

Me is sad.