Winter Oranges

Winter Oranges - Marie Sexton This book is beautiful.

This is a story about a B movie actor and a young man living inside a snow globe.

I loved how this book mostly consists of Jason and Ben being in Jason’s house in the middle of nowhere. I liked that the characters were so interesting we don’t need a whole set of supporting characters to fill the story. Jason and Ben filled this story. And their growing attraction and eventually their love.

It was so romantic.

“You make me happy. You’re the reason I get up every morning, and the last thing I think about every night as I fall asleep.
I’ll take any little bit of you I can get. Because as imperfect and frustrating as this all may be, it’s the best thing by far that’s ever happened to me."

This story would have gotten 5 stars if not for Dylan, Jason’s best friend. And more importantly the way Jason just went along with Dylan and not stood up for himself. It was so incredibly frustrating. I just wanted Jason to tell Dylan to fuck off.

We did get a beautiful, well deserved HEA.