Defined By Deceit

Defined By Deceit - A.E. Via This was one beautiful book.

I am not one for angsty books. But there are different types of angst. I don’t like angst within the relationship, like cheating or constant fighting. I can do angst if a person has had a tough life and there is some great hurt/comfort going on. And this was the case here.

The first 30% of this book was really tough. I did all the ugly crying.


But it was worth it.

When Llew was 18 he was betrayed in the most awful way imaginable. I was shocked to read what he had to endure. But I was told to just go with it, cry my heart out and read on. And I did.

8 years later, Llew is finally able to be his own person. Well, if other people let him. Of course he gets treated badly because of his past. But then he meets Shane… Shane, sweet sweet Shane. Shane is just what Llew needs. Someone who believes in him.

Someone who sees what a gentle soul Llew really is. Llew, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, and who was still recovering from all the wrong that was done to him.

Because Llew is a big man, he has learned to try to be as harmless as possible so he doesn’t scare people. But he also has a dominant side, which he keeps buried because he feels he can never express that part of him again.

Fortunately Shane shows him it is okay to dominate him. Shane can handle it.

Llew endured something awful, but after the worst part, Llew got some happiness. The romance was all puppies and rainbows. As I like my romance.


This was a really good hurt/comfort story with a sweet romance and hot sex. Just how I like it.