Ezekiah - Lisa Henry 3.5 stars

I wouldn’t say this is a BDSM book. Yes, there is domination, but that’s normal for wolves.


I really enjoyed this one even though it is definitely not a fluffy shifter book.

Ezekiah has been running from his old pack for the past 3 years, ever since he came out as an omega at 16. He was used as a punching bag by his old pack and his parents wanted to auction him off to the highest bidder.

Ezekiah doesn’t want to be claimed by an alpha, but he knows it will eventually happen. So when he runs into a wolf in the park one night, he knows he is out of luck.

Parker, the alpha, knows he must claim the omega he found, otherwise he would seem weak to other packs. He finds out where Ezekiah lives and he claims him. It is in Ezekiah’s nature to submit to the alpha and even though his wolf loves it, the man he is is not so happy about it.


Parker takes Ezekiah home and thinks all is settled. He has an omega. But when he finds out his omega is not really a happy omega he must rethink what to do next.

I really felt for Ezekiah, he was just so sad. The way he kept crying when he just met Parker and tried to accept his fate really broke my heart.

And even though I did like Parker, I hated the fact that he didn’t care what Ezekiah wanted when they first met. Yes, they both enjoyed their mating, but I wanted Parker to grovel a little when he found out that Ezekiah, the man, was pretty much taken against his will. But that part never happened.

Still, this was a A/B/O story with a somewhat dark feel, which I really liked. I’m dropping half a star, simply because of the lack of groveling from Parker’s side.