Love You More

Love You More - Sienna Bishop 2.5 stars

There is this thing called expectations. It’s not always a good thing to have. When I read this prompt I immediately saw how I wanted this story to go. And because it turned out totally different I was extremely disappointed.


I love hurt/comfort stories. I also love best friends to lovers stories. And these two combined, I thought I was in heaven!


But for some reason I didn’t really like Tucker. This story is told from his POV. And even though I did wonder how he would feel, with him being straight and all, what I really wanted was Deacon’s POV.

Because everything is told from the best friend’s POV and not from Deacon himself, I felt the hurt/comfort part of the story wasn’t believable at all. Yes, a horrible thing happened to Deacon. Yes, Tucker was the only one who could get close to him. But because we only saw how Deacon reacted to Tucker I never felt Deacon was that hurt at all. He must have been, but I just didn’t see it.

For 75% this story is friendship. Then we get some sex, then some more friendship and then the big I love you on the last page.

I was just hoping for something more.

This calls for a sad batman gif.