Jaynell's Wolf (A Wizard's Touch, #1)

Jaynell's Wolf (A Wizard's Touch, #1) - Amber Kell Wizards and werewolves, oh yeah!

I really liked this. It was pretty short (71 pages), so it did have a feeling of being underdeveloped, but less than I expected for a story of this length.

Jay is a wizard attending wizarding college for the first time. Because he was home schooled his entire life he has no idea he is way more powerful than any other wizard. He tries not to show how much power he has, but he has a feeling he screws that up a lot, considering all the shocked looks he gets whenever he does magic.


When Jay is having dinner with his roommates he runs into a big hunk of a man. This man turns out to be a werewolf. This werewolf Thomas cannot believe his luck of running into his fated mate! He is never letting this cute wizard go.

The romance is a whirlwind one and there’s a lot of MINE and growling. All very much the way I like it.

I really liked this world. There is a 3 headed dragon, some cute wizard friends, gnomes and a very protective pack of werewolves.