Alasdair - Ella Frank DNF at 30%

The things I learned from this book.

- I really really hate vampires. They’re
I hate their arrogance and their mindset that humans are nothing more than insects to feed from and then kill. Yeah sorry, I do not find this sexy at all.

- I don’t think it’s hot that Leo (who has been kidnapped and held prisoner) has to watch Alasdair and another vampire have sex with each other. Aren’t Alasdair and Leo supposed to fall in love? I get that Leo thinks it’s hot, but I don’t.

That’s as far as I got before I almost threw my Kobo out the window.

Not the book for me. I don’t care that vampires are not humans and are supposed to act this way. I still want to at least like my MC. Mind games are not my thing.