Do-over - Amy Lane This was funny, sweet, and incredibly cute.

Engall has been invited to a party. A party where his crush, Chandler, is going to be. But he decides not to go. It will be too crowded for sweet, insecure Engall.

Engall decides he want some M&Ms so he goes to buy them at a gas station. And gets shot. In the head. Now he is very very dead.

He meets his shabby guardian angel who tells him he should have gone to that party. He gets a do-over.

This time Engall stops for condoms on his way over to the party and gets shot. Again.

His next do-over involves getting under a truck and dying.

After that there are all kinds of scenarios where Engall ends up dying. His guardian angel decides he should just stay home, don’t go to the party to hook up with his soul mate.

Of course everything works out in the end and we get a really sweet HEA. It was wonderful. This short story got me all happy.