Promises Part I

Promises Part I - A.E. Via BR with Els

From the dedication:

Duke holds a very special place in my heart so I had to put him with a man that wasn’t as hardcore and rough as what Duke was used to being around. Welcome…Vaughan Webb, Esquire. But because of their age difference and of course, Vaughan being Duke’s best friend’s son, I had to develop a situation that would make Vaughan undeniably the best thing to happen to Duke. I hope you enjoy their story.

I loved this. Duke is a 45 year old bounty hunter, but despite his rough exterior he doesn’t always want to be the alpha man. That’s why Vaughan was so perfect for him. 14 years his junior and his best friend’s so. While this could have been the source of some major angst, I was glad the author decided these things wouldn’t be a big issue.

I loved the fact that Duke was older, but was swept off his feet by the younger Vaughan. Vaughan knew what he wanted and went after it.

God knew how long it’d been since the man had felt appreciated and valued, but Vaughan would make sure he never felt the need again. He’d love Duke for as long as he could.

When something bad happened to Duke I was shocked, but also very excited for this turn of events (hurt/comfort OH YEAH BABY!).

It was wonderful to see that Vaughan did something for Duke that made sure Duke would never doubt his love for him. Because Vaughan had loved him for years and would always do so.