Alpha's Virgin Pup

Alpha's Virgin Pup - Fel Fern BR with Marte

Well, this was….. interesting.

We have a blushing virgin werewolf.

”You’re so big, Brick. Can you really fit in me?” I whisper.

And we have an alpha who wants nothing more than to deflower this virgin.

The writer sure has a way with words.

The dual sensation of Brick’s cock slamming into me like a perfect fit, and his hand working my shaft makes my mind reel. Starts my heart at a gallop and makes my chest rise and fall, rubbing against Brick’s hard wall of flesh.

Hard wall of flesh…. I think I like it.

I never really got into the story even though I could appreciate its weirdness. I think it was the end that really bothered me.

I am not really one to enjoy reading about sex in front of the whole pack. And the fact that everyone around them decides to just have sex too.. eeeeuh… no thank you.

But it was enjoyable and I had a nice enough time with these werewolves.