If the Ley Lines You Should Follow

If the Ley Lines You Should Follow - InTheArmsofaTheif BR with my Sterek girl, Tara

This was great! I love fics about alternate universes/timelines.

Stiles wakes up in the woods, alone and disorientated. He stumbles upon Derek, who is shocked to see him.

”Stiles,” Derek said, sounding broken. “You’re dead.”

In Stiles’ own reality his dad is dead, he is no longer friends with Scott and he is pretty depressed.


In this other reality Scott died when he was bitten and therefore everyone else lived (see, we need to blame Scott for EVERYTHING! Tara and I have said it all along). Derek and Stiles were in a loving relationship, until Stiles died, a year ago. But now a different version of Stiles is there. It’s confusing for everyone, but most of all for Derek.


This feels bittersweet for most of the story. It was really well done. My heart broke for Stiles, but no matter how tough things got for him, it never felt too depressing. It felt hopeful.

I also loved the fact that Stiles went back to his own reality near the end to find some closure. Of course he returns, but I liked that it was his own decision and it wasn’t simply because he couldn’t go back.

Loved the end. Very sweet HEA.