Magic & Mistletoe

Magic & Mistletoe - Annabelle Jacobs This started out really really weird. The writing in the first couple of pages is terrible. It was like reading a children’s book (which are in itself great, but not what I was going for with this one). That first scene really could use a do-over. It was confusing, strange and not up to par with the rest of the story.

But other than that this was a really sweet story. Very low-angst.

Harry suffers from a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease whenever he talks to a guy he likes. That’s why Andrew, who lives in the same apartment building, is not sure what to make of Harry.

But Harry gets a little help from a magical source.

This book is sweet and not a lot happens. After the first few pages I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of this lovely story. A nice Christmas read with a magical touch.