Tied Together

Tied Together - Z.B. Heller DNF at 64%

I’m not sure a book ever made me this angry.

If you want the short version, click here. There is CHEATING and then a TWELVE year time jump, at 64%.

If you want the long version, click here. I was absolutely loving this. Ryan was quirky, funny and was in love with Brandon from the moment they met. Brandon was shy, sweet and came from an abusive home.

When the guys are in college Brandon finally tells Ryan he is gay and the kind of abuse he has suffered. He is terrified of being gay and of people finding out. So when Ryan immediately gave him an ultimatum, I was livid!! He told Brandon he should come out or their relationship and their friendship was over.

No support for Brandon, nothing. The guy had only left his home 2 years ago. Brandon needed cuddles, not an ultimatum.

When Brandon doesn’t show up at the bar they’re supposed to meet, Ryan grabs a random dude, goes home and fucks him. So when Brandon shows up at his doorstep the next day with 15 stitches and a broken nose, because his dad beat him up, my heart broke.

Ryan is horrified, Brandon is angry and leaves. Aaaaaand… we get a twelve year time jump. You cannot skip 12 fucking years at 64%!! What the heck was this author thinking?? I stopped reading after that. I'm still angry.

I think what made it worse was that I was loving these guys so much.

This calls for the famous WTF gif.