Bound By Nature

Bound By Nature - Cooper Davis BR with Elsbeth
(Who could handle the angst way better than I could)

This book was not bad at all. But….. the ANGST. The overwhelming ANGST.


I’m not a big fan of relationship angst and this book was filled with it right up until 70%. That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Angst.


This book switches between present time and 5 years ago throughout most of the book. It was not badly done in this story. I think it worked (just not for me). I’m not a big fan of time jumps, I want to be there for the whole thing, not skip stuff and then get back to it.

Hayden and Josh are the sons of rival Alpha packs. Hayden is gay and has always had a major crush on Josh. Josh doesn’t know how to feel around Hayden, but he does want to be friends.

Then some stuff happens… some BIG stuff. Fast forward 5 years. Hayden is a bitter man, now 27 years old and he resents Joshua, big time. Something happened 5 years ago, but Hayden can’t remember that night. He just knows Josh betrayed him. Or at least that’s what he thinks.

Once we find out what happened, I was shocked. It totally ripped my heart out.


It was also completely unrealistic that things happened that way. Especially the prison time Hayden did was too much for me. And Josh’s reasons for letting that happen….. nope…. not buying that.

But okay, after all the ANGST, these wolves were pretty sweet together. But by the time I was at 70% and things got easier for them, I was still recovering from my heart attacks.

Did I mention this book has a lot of ANGST??