My Fair Dork

My Fair Dork - Daisy Harris 3.5 stars

A book about a guy with an enormous package who's not too happy about it. Color me intrigued!


This is a story about Harold, a shy, gay, geeky guy and Owen, the popular (closeted) bi jock.

Owen spots Harold in the shower one day and is immediately impressed by his euhm.. assets. But Harold has always seen it as a curse, not something to be grateful for. He is convinced no one would want such a monster.

But Owen definitely wants to get up close and personal with ALL of Harold.


I liked how Owen not only went for Harold’s dick, but for the guy himself as well.

And even though I really liked these guys I did have a problem with Owen at times. Especially when he didn’t come out, but denied everything at first and then just went with it. He should have manned up and told people the truth.

Still, a sweet, but hot college story with some angst thrown in.