Last First Kiss

Last First Kiss - Diane  Adams DNF at 30%

Being a parent I can’t take it anymore.

- You do not leave your 18 month old child alone in the living room while you clean up in the kitchen and have a long chat with your friend.

- "I have to take a nap too. Daddy says naps till I'm six."
Kids do not nap until they’re six. I wish!

- Falling asleep with your 4 year old running around is not a good thing. But at least have the doors locked. Nash opens the door for Trent and they go outside together to dig potatoes. I would have expected Gage to wake up in a panic because his son is not there, but no… everything is fine when Gage wakes up hours later and finds him outside with Trent. I would have a fit!

I don’t think the author was trying to make Gage such a bad parent, but she did.

This probably is a great book, but I can't look past the terrible depiction of kids/parenting in this one.