In Another Life

In Another Life - Cardeno C. This was a sweet story about getting a second chance at life.

In the first half of this book we meet 36 year old Shiloh.
Shiloh was just adorable.

My robe was bright yellow with a huge picture of SpongeBob on the back and my slippers were each adorned with a stuffed Scooby-Doo on top. In other words, I looked crazy sexy. Or just crazy.

He meets the man of his dreams, Travis, a doctor, and they both feel an instant connection.

“We click, Shiloh. Have from the first time we talked. But now?” He sighed and pressed our joined hands over his chest. “It’s like the click locked in place.”

But then a tragedy happens and it could be their time together is up.

Suddenly Shiloh finds himself in the hospital and he is 18 years old. He has just tried to kill himself, but he remembers everything from his future life. Especially Travis. So when he sees who the EMT is who saved him, he knows they are both getting a second chance.

This was a nice short story. I would have liked it if the romance had gotten a little more development, but still, it gave me all these warm fuzzy feelings.